20140906 - OSU Football Day

20140906 - J home from his sleepover a tired grumpy mess, left him at home and L&I headed to G's Baseball game in am.  L left early to take J to his soccer game, he did really well and they won.  G had a bad game, but came in as the closing pitcher and got all 3 out.  We pulled out a walk off win in the bottom of the 6th, 13-12 :-o  D's coach needed help so sent G with John and I stayed to coach 1st base for Dylan's team while Dylan was away camping.  Home and L&I got ourselves together and headed out.  we dropped J off at the Mallon's and G's stuff off at the Towler's, we then heded to the fairgrounds to catch the bus to the stadium.  We got there 2 hours before game time so we walked to the skull session, missed it...  then across the road where we ran into the likes of Mark Ransom, Kip Vantillburg, Brian & Tammy Kicas, Chris and Lisa Gandy, Tom Morley and Eric Glorioso, people I haven't seen for YEARS.  It was a good time and we had a couple beers with them and caught up on each others lives.  L&I then headed over to the stadium and got to our seats right before the band came in.  We were packed in like miserable sardines (LARGEST CROWD EVER 107,514 people!) with large customers on either side and literally not an ounce of wiggle room (this caused considerable leg, back, neck and buttocks pains later in the evening...).  Our sets were on the closed end of the horseshoe next to the student section and hard to see at times what was going on.  But the experience of going is still one of the top anyone can have, the history, traditions, band, grandeur of it all is amazing.  We cheered and cheered as the young team scared us, then caught up and then finally with 59 second left, crossed the point of hope for a win.  So we headed out early with the masses, caught a bus and headed out.  We stopped at Steak and Shake for a late night dinner and got home about 1:30am, exhausted and glad for the soft relaxing bed we could stretch out on.