20140903 - D Board

20140903 - Up and took d to school. Foggy morning in to work. Very quiet day, got a lot done. G home from school with another bruise... same kid kicked him on the soccer field... instructions to G, 'next time this kid messes with you, cock your arm back like this, make a fist like this, hit him square in the nose and don't stop swinging until they pull you off'. Yeah L didn't approve of that... so I guess he'll continue to get pummeled at school...  Stopped at City Hall on way home for Landscape Board meeting.  L&G at J's soccer practice. D umping.  I swung by the house and scarfed down cold dinner before heading to the ballfield to pick D up. Home and D cleaned up and changed and then I took him to the Gahanna Junior League Sports monthly Board Meeting where he presented his idea for his Eagle Scout Project. The board really liked his idea and approved. Home and I took little boys to bed, L has been writing two emails for an hour (still not don), D watching some baseball. All to bed