20140907 - Porch Breakfast

20140907 - Up and L out to get g as I got ready for church.  We met J and the Mallonn's, trying our old church with us.  We saw more friends and the service was pretty good.  Home after church and getting a couple of things done with 2 very grumpy little fellas...  J&I made lunch and ate on the back porch together and then played some xbox before G&I had to run to his baseball practice.  D home early so I ran to the church to get him.  Apparently Gma&paW had quite a spread for the Boy Scouts when they got to the farm; ordered them pizzas and had pop and chips, spoiling them...  G&I to his practice and it went pretty good.  He was still tired and grumpy but did ok, there are a few kids that need a lot of work.  Home and getting things ready for the week, D's girl stopped over to see him after he was gone camping all weekend and he got his homework done.