20131124 - Frozen Wreaths

20131124 - This is what a frozen and thawed Scout looks like.  D left at 6pm on Friday and was outdoors until Sunday at 2pm... He was outdoors the entire time, with a low of 15...  He's pretty tough!

The day: Up and to church, home for lunch and then J back to church for practice and then staying with Mallonns. I got some work at the desk done and ran to get D home.  We thawed him out, fed him, he got a hot shower and then we immediately headed back out to get wreaths. D&I delivered wreaths all over town, picked J up at one stop and dropped him off as we flew past the house.  Back out delivering more wreaths, we stopped by BWs to get wings for dinner and sat at the bar with D watching some football while waiting for order. Home ate, Pettits over to watch walking dead. To bed in good time.