20131102 - 8TH Annual OSU FOOTBALL PARTY

20131102 - Up in the am and the final touches on the homestead for our 8th annual OSU Football Party.  We had 92 friends and family, 25 pounds of chilli, 1 tough pinata, 1 lost crown to 'dots' candy and 1 busted big screen TV.  There was a mountain of food and kids everywhere.  What a good time and family and friends were all around.  I love this day!  And the Buckeyes didn't disappoint!

After the party the kids went our for Trick or Treat.  D was Michael Jackson and one of his buddies was a werewolf, what as pair, people were taking pictures of together all night.  J was a mime, and a good one, but ran ahead of the fam.  The Coles came over to join us.  D did not participate this year :-(  GmaW walked along, she had never done this before and GpaW passed out candy to the kids that came to our door.  After all were home we counted the candy and stayed up watching football until late.  A GREAT DAY!