20131122 - Cold Night

20131122 - Up and into work, had my favorite meal (#171) for Fiesta Friday lunch!  Home and ate with the fam, L took D to church to meet up with the Scouts at 6.  J&I changed, packed and headed to the campsite.  We got our tent up in the dark and ready for a cold night.
When the scouts showed up D directed his patrol, and J&I helped the Old Crows get the pavilion set up.  J then went with a senior scout and got a lesson in lashing and helped build the entrance to camp.  IT was really cool.

We had enough of the cold so off to bed at a decent hour.  We tied our cots together and zipped our sleeping bags into one big one.  I held on to J most of the night and he was toasty warm, but we did wake up a couple of times chilly.  Not bad for 29 degrees...