20131019 - @ D SHOE

20131019 - Up, J&G headed up to the Farm to see the play 'Aladin', L to the neighbors to watch the game and D&I headed to OSU the game. We got their early enough to catch some of the Skull session, Way up seats, made my legs hurt, I sent D down for supplies several times.  There were horrible calls and the umps were boo-ed so loud, I have never heard anything like it...  Our defense was bad defense and we were lucky we won. D&I walked high street to find dinner but it was way to crowded.  We caught the bus back and swung by BWs and picked up wings.  Home for more football and posted items on ebay.  I woke up in basement 3am.

 By the #s:
1 Skull Session
1 ginormous drink
1 huge pretzel and cheese 
1.5 lb coney cheese dog 
5 rows from the top
24 Hawkeyes
34 Buckeyes
214 steps from ground level to get to our seats