20131005 + Painted Cracked Soaked & Bounced

20131005 + Up in the am and back to the school with the boys to do some painting with the Boy Scouts.  It was very humid and the paint we put on was running right down the walls to the ground :-(  We had to leave for baseball for D&G.  One of L's friends texted me to let me know L dropped her phone...  G had a good game but they lost, so G&I headed over to watch D's game and watch him get soaked.  Even wet they won!  Home, hitting the Pettit's garage sale on the way where J picked up a pogo stick.  He bounced all over the place in no time.  I have no idea how he does it.  D ran L's phone to the store in Creekside that fixes screens and 30 min later her phone was back in action.  In the evening we headed down the street to the Barnette's for a fire and football for the boys.