20131009 - Light Teaching Moment

20131009 - Up in the am and in for a busy day at work. Jared and I had calls together all day and hung out in my office. L called me on the way home from the swing on the backyard; she went out to get away from what she is now calling 'your children'... I got the scoop from her and finished the drive with a stop at the auction house. Home, L still in the backyard, and I had the boys carry in the auction items. I then called then back in the office and had a little talk with them and tried out D's homemade 'Teaching Device'... It works well! L in and getting dinner to 3 of 'my' very cooperative children... D&I installed the new light in the basement and then came up to put toppings on our sections of the pizza. We had a nice dinner and then D studied, J washed the dishes and G colored at the table. Boys getting ready for bed and I ran out to meet some buddies for a Cub Scout 'planning meeting'. It was fun, relaxing, and we actually got some stuff done. Home and relaxing.