20131015 - Last 6 Licks

20131015 - Up and in for a extremely busy day at the plant. Stopped by the auction house on the way home. Made it home in time for the end of dinner. L&D to his teacher conferences: all good, 'He is a wonderful boy...'.  G&I out back throwing the football until too dark to see, J texting his friend (that happens to be a girl and if I use the word 'girlfriend' it sends him into a tissy...).  Back in and I did the dishes while J&G got out a science experiment kit G got for his bday and made some goo. All back home, L made a trip to the store and the boys and I had an ice cream treat and licked our bowls clean :-)  Up late doing email and planning more for tomorrow that I can't possibly get done in one day :-s