20130608 + Almost Big League

20130608 + All up and to Sam's tball game. Then DG&I split off and got G some shoes, returned a video, got McD's for Bfast and went downtown to get awards for the boys scouts. Home and picked up L&J and to Huntington park to watch Gahanna HS boys baseball in the state semi finals. It was very cool to be there and see the young boys play, but they lost, but still cool. J home with friends, home L gave boys and Lilly a hair cut. I took D&G to get tennis balls and shoes for D. Dropped D of at a big party for one of his friends. Home and G learned to tie his shoes!!!! G&I had a picnic on the back porch which included a powdered sugar fight :-) and we played catch until J got back home and we all played in the backyard for a while before bed. Picked D up from party, we tried to watch a show together but fell asleep on the couches.

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