20130619 - Dug in Leg

20130619 - Up in am and into work. Incredibly busy day... Went to lunch with Dave a guy I work with and ha a good conversation. Finished off the day with more meetings... Out the door late and straight o D's baseball game. He got a good hit and made a great tag out on a steal, but his leg was caught by the cleat of the guy stealing and dug two big tracks in his leg. The coach and I helped him of the field and a mom that is a nurse dressed his wound. After all that they still lost.

GmaB here for the game and night and took LDJ&G to Dairy Queen. I ran and got gas and then to Doc garage for a beer and check on the old boy. Home for a minute and then back to the ball fields to see Bighead's team playing and their grand slam. Home, D&G to bed and J and his buddy Donovan playing Xbox in the basement while we watched some videos of the boys when they were little.