20130602 - Safe and Clean

20130602 - Up early and off to pick up D. I got there in good time and waited for him to emerge from the dinning hall. he came out, didn't see me and headed to the kybo. When he came out he saw me, got his stuff and we headed home. We stopped at McD's for bfast and to look over his packet of stuff he got when he earned his "Order of the Arrow". He talked and talked about how cool it was and all the things they did and the ceremonies. We ran a couple of errands on the way home. We got home and his mother doted over him :-P
We hung out and finished cleaning up the garage and the shed. I put some of the things L was going to throw out (a huge Foster's beer umbrella and 4 tiki lamps :-) up in Doc's yard. I played catch with G for a long time and then we got ready for the last couple of days of schools. L&I up helping D with a math paper. We called several other families for help and I discovered the entire 7th grade math class had been taught the WRONG way to calculate square footage!