20110927 - Fast nervous days

20110927 - Normal but nervous day at work.  Then everyone rushing out to baseball games.  L went to D's game where they ended in a horribly close heartbreaking loss :-(  J's team on the other hand had a great game a blew out their opponents.  You can tell by the icing from his cupcake on the bill of his hat  :-)

20110926 - Nervous about work and what I was told last Friday about finding another position in the co....  Did not get much info today on that, but started making moves to be prepared.  After work and a fast dinner J&I dropped D off at Scouts upstairs at the church while we headed downstairs for our Den meeting.  The boys had fun and we got home and off to bed they went.  I headed out to meet the guys.

20110925 - Nice slow Sunday at home.  Ran some errands with D&J.