20110918 + Guns and Collar

20110918 + All up and to church.  Home and L&G ran out to get G's soccer picture taken, D mowed and J helped me clean out the garage.  Had some lunch, finished cleaning out the garage and then I headed out with the boys.  We went to an airsoft store and got an education on airsoft guns, then on to Home Depot for supplies and finally Meijer so D could get his new gun and we got a new collar for Lilly and some other odds and ends.  The boys were pretty crazy...  What was I thinking taking all 3 at once??? 
Picked up Panda Express and home to watch 'Thor', good movie.  All boys to bed and L&I stayed up, went through the paper and watched 'Defiance', an incredible movie, true story, of 4 Jewish brothers that hid Jews in the forest during WWII.