20110919 - Wooden Shoe Friends

20110919 - Up and at the desk all day and as I was finishing my dear friend Arno & Gwen arrived, and I can now officially announce after many weeks of silence, that Gwen is pregnant! It is a great pleasure to see after many years of trying to persuade them that they would be fabulous parents and hiding toys at there house (old Indian legend) that they are finally going to be parents. What better place to experience being a parent that in our house... We sat and chatted and the boys all worked with them on the gifts they had brought them (like our boys needed more stuff)...

We had a nice dinner and then to get them even more acclimated to the craziness that come with kids we rushed off to Cub Scouts. I introduced our guests and drew a map of the world and tried to get the boys to understand from how far away they had come. Arno explained a bit of their homeland and Gwen translated some sentences the to Dutch the boys threw at them. I think the best connection came with my explanation that try were from the country of the guys that were always chasing Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies... Arno and Gwen were very impressed with the boys saying the Pledge of Allegiance and other patriotic thongs we were doing. Gwen even jumped in and helped with the crafts.

Back home, all boys to bed (after behaving exceptionally and unexpectedly well for a change) and we sat around and had some beers (not Gwen) and talked for hours. Very nice!