20110920 - Bullets and Funnel Cakes

20110920 - Up in the morning and D&J to school and L in to work.  G&I headed out with Arno and Gwen to run some errands.  We stopped at Meijer where G got some handcuffs and Gwen picked up some gifts for family back home.  We grabbed some coffee and some lunch at McD's.  A stop a Wal-Mart for X-Large flipflops for Arno. A stop at the garage door store, where G dropped a lock display on his head and Arno and G played with an automatic door.  I got my parts and we headed home and we fixed the garage door.  Pretty soon the big boys got done with school and made there way home and we piled in our huge gas guzzling car and headed north to the Farm. 

Gma&paW had nice spread at the Farmhouse and we snacked, gave the full tour and out to the barn to visit the animal, ponies, cats and GUNS!  Everyone got to shoot.  It was Arno and Gwen
s first time shooting and they did pretty good (Gwen did better ;-)  We were shooting 22s and had a lot of fun.  One last shot for Arno, a 9mm Ruger pistol  !!!BANG!!!  that was LOUD!  Arno got a swing on the rope in the barn and then we headed out for dinner.

Dinner was not at any old restaurant...  no way....  We hit the Ashland County Fair!  This was a new true American experience for our friends.  We saw every kind of animal possible and some new ones.  We talked to to the horses and we ate one of everything there!  We swung by the Farm on the way home and then headed down the road.

Back home all boys to bed and we stayed up having very good adult conversations we don't normally have the chance to...  After lots of beer and many hours of idea discussion we hit the hay.