100625 + Made it and WON!!!

100625 + Up super early and jumped on a jet to get home.  I had to run J to his buddy's so he could go camping with him overnight.  Then DG&I went freezer shopping and got a good deal.  I worked a bit and then we headed out to
D tournament game, we WON!!!!  Holy man, didn't see that coming!  Glad i made it home for the game.

100624 - Up and across the street for workshops all day.  News from home =
Grant caught 2 pop flies and got hit in mouth at his ball game tonight.  he called and left me a nice voicemail.  I have dinner with Tom and it was  good mean and great conversation.  Took the highway the wrong direction for 20 miles  :-o  but eventually made it to the hotel by the airport.

100623 - Up and across the street for workshops all day.  We had a put put tournament after work and my team won!!!  Nice dinner with a bunch of folks from work.

100622 - Up and worked first 2/3 of the day.  Jumped a jet for Boston.  Got to the hotel and hit the bed hard.

100621 - Started the day on the phone to the lawyer.  We are having a tenant 'Set Out'.  This means they get no warning... The Sheriff and my guys show up, kick the door in, change the locks and move all of their stuff to the corner, we have 1.5 hours to do this... :-o  I have never had to do this before and it makes me a bit nervous...  Worked all day then to the ball fields where D's team got their first loss in a double elimination tournament.   Out to McD's to meet the Bible bangers.