100626 - Wedding Dance

100626 - Up and nice quite morning.  Out in the HEAT for D's baseball game.  They lost and are now out of the tournament.  We all got fancied up and headed to Delaware for a wedding.  Lisa, Lori's cousin married Eric today, best wishes to them!

It was a nice ceremony and on the way to the reception we got nuggets for the boys and refrigerant for the Yukon AC.

At the reception D was bored and kept asking when we could leave.  I said not until after you dance.  Well finally the Chicken Dance and Hoky Poky came on and all the boys got on the dance floor.  It was to get them off after that, they did some line dancing and Jack was park of a dance off.

He claimed 2nd place (I think he probably had it).

That boy has my moves, SWEET!!!