100610 - Fam Finders

100610 - Up and a full fast day at the desk. L had a job interview that went well and then took the boys to the pool. We all rushed to G's baseball game for his pictures and Lucia & GmaW joined us.Afterwards we all went to Red Robin for dinner. Then we introduced Lucia to Geocaching! We found 3 of them tonight around Easton. I think she is hooked or soon will be ;-) Home and got the boys baths, played in the playroom a bit and 'all boys to bed'.

100609 - Up and Hectic busy productive day. Gave myself a hair cut. D's baseball game was canceled so after dinner we hung out in the backyard playing catch and G hit some balls. All in and cleaned up. L had the boys make chore sticks... The boys and I watched the Velveteen Rabit and got them to bed. L&i then watched 'This Is It' about Michael Jackson, it was pretty good.