100605 - Shoe Hunt

100605 - Up and baseball called off because of wet fields, so we cleaned out the garage and found some SHOES!
We then all headed out on some errands and picked up Connor the neighbor boy to go with us. We hit the gas station, bank, donation center and to the main library downtown. We picked up some books on knights for the report D&I are doing. It was a great library, but u know we can't stay in a library long with Grant...
After the library we headed to the World's Largest field of cement corn in Dublin where the boys ran back and forth and touched all 72 giant ears of corn. Back in the car and to a nearby park where we introduced Connor to geocaching. We found the cache only minutes before a horrendous thunderstorm blew in. We took refuge in a DQ and had a treat.
Home for a bit and then to Logan's for dinner. Home and watched 'Mr. Limpet' with the boys. Got them to bed and L&i watched 'Serendipity'.