WIN #2

Jack learned about gun and fire safety at Safety town today. They have a trailer that is decorated like a house and they simulate a fire and the kids have to climb out the window and down a ladder, get to a safe place and call 911. Jack knew all about the ladder thanks to his dad :) We had 10 kids here this afternoon. My girlfriends and their kids came over and played and slid on the slip and slide. Dylan walked to art camp and continued his work on his clay lion creation. We ended the day with a bang, Dylan won his second tournament game by 1 run! Grant was a trooper today with all the activiites! He is such a good boy, so big. He is constantly asking about all the activities he'll be able to do when he is a "big boy like dylan and jack". Can I play football when I'm big, can I go to art camp, can I read a chapter book, can i go to safety town??????