Matt is on his way home :)

Matt called and is on his last leg of his flights home, YEA! We miss him while he is away. The boys have all sorts of things laid out for him on the kitchen table to look at when he gets home.
Jack had his graduation from Safety Town today. They held it at the auditorium at the HS. They had to answer about 10 questions from a police officer before they could get their diplomas. They learned about police and 911, fire safety, strangers, mean dogs, swimming safety, bike safety, crossing streets, gun safety, car seats and they even got to ride a school bus back to their classroom. The best part Jack said was the new bike helmet he received.
After graduation, we went swimming with friends, dropped Dylan off at art camp, rested, went down to Creekside to eat dinner and feed some ducks (saw a snake and a few frogs), then to Joanns for some craft kits that were on sale and to Old Navy to get the new Transformer shirts with a free poster! Home, showers, cookies, bed and I sat on the back porch and played with Lily for a little while. Oh, we also picked all those lovely veggies in the previous post.
Matt will be home in about 1 1/2 hours, I'll try!