New shoes and a mess!

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend Jen: After a fun day at the park, Matt decided to take the fam out to go to the outlet mall and get some tennis shoes. I thought that was great because the boys all needed new shoes as well :) Well, the usual chaos ensued with running up and down the aisles and laughing and hiding from each other. Matt and I tag teamed them and started our search...then we noticed Grant was leaning over in a strange position and had an odd looking (and smelling) substance on his finger. (If you have a weak stomach, no need to read further). Yes, he had an explosion of diarhea and, yes, it was up his back and on his clothes, and no i did not refill my container of wipes before we left the house. I grabbed his stinky little hand and high tailed it to the nearest bathroom and had to strip the poor baby down, shoes and all, and clean him up with dry toilet paper (AHHHH!). We got all dressed and sanitized as best we could and all Grant cared about was that he got to flush the potty on the way out the door. Anyway, Daddy and the two big boys bought awesome shoes and needless to say, Grant is still wearing his old ones... The boys got to play on the giant play set and we were on our way back home. Don't worry, I made sure Grant was cleaned up properly before he went to bed. Just another day in the life with my three boys :)

PS My foot fits in dylan's new is that possible? :( Sniff, sniff.