090630 + Change of season

000630 + Was up til 4 last night & started again @ 8... L got the boys ready & then Nicole, Sam & GmaB showed up and they all headed for the zoo. I made it through the day... We loaded the gang up and headed to the ball field. J&I ran to the gas station and got food out of the wall for dinner. Back to the ball field to see Howdy up, first at bat: he got a walk from the 6' pitcher. We ate as the game went on and Gma&paW & Paulette showed up. Doc made an appearance as well. The team played really well, but in the end didn't pull it off. It ended up to be the last game of the season. D was pretty upset. But a stop @ the ice cream stand on the home took care of that. Got showers for the boys & some Jack Daniels for me. Then to the basement to watch the old 'Escape from witch mountain'.