080325 -

080325 - Up and off to Fort Rapids waterpark! It was fun & loud! It took G a while to figure out what was going on, but then he liked it. The boys had a blast! Home for a brief rest. Then GmwB over to watch kids and L&I ran to Max & Erma's then downtown to see Stomp at the Ohio Theater.
080324 - Typical Monday. Too fast to remember: work, dinner, karate, Doc computer lesson, coffee w/ the guys...
080323 - Up at some completely unnatural time to go eat pancakes and go to church. Took a big walk w/ the boys through downtown Newcomerstown. Home had an easter egg hunt and a big meal. Hung out a bit more and headed home. Played the Wii.
080322 - Up & around off to run some errands and Newcomerstown. Got there and hung out watched movies, colored easter eggs and played.