080306 - Pumping

080306 - Up things moving along. Nic & Sam over, my boys outside playing. Jack learned how to swing by himself today, here he is happy & pumping his legs.
080305 - We'll more bad news on the rentals: still no funds for the one, and the other definately needs a new roof and one whole bedroom redone & a bathroom! UGH!!!! Really fast day, boys had karate tonight. I stayed up late and watched 'Beowulf'.
080304 - Called the renter w/ the mold & got a mold pro out to look at the rental. The other renters Feb check still isn't funded... UGH!!!! Ran to the store and got the fan for the furnace. Home, couldn't get the old motor out... Ran to the store to get a gear puller. Got the motor out, new one in lickity split. Saved $400! Got cleaned up befor our dinner guests were to show up. We waited and waited... They had cancalled through e-mail, not so handy. But we had LOTS of pizza for ourselves and are still eating it. Stay up and watched the original 'Planet of the Apes' w/ the boys.
080303 - Crazy day. Jeff & I went to visit the attorney for our business. Home and the furnace guy shows up. I told him how I got it to work over night and the guy says 'if u did all that, I aint gonna charge u $500 to replace it. Go to Graineger, tell em u need this motor and do it us self for $90.' That advice cost me $80.... Took Howdy to Cub Scouts. Then to Tim's for coffe & rental biz discussions. Joe had inspected one of my properties and found horrible mold in one of the rooms....
080302 - In the afternoon L&D went to Howdy's closing cerimonies for basketball. J,G&I took a rest. When L&D came home they woke us all up and there was a strange humming noise and the smell of an electical fire... Our furnace motor was stuck and over heating. I was able to take it apart and oil it to make it through the night.