080319 - Birds?

080319 - Up slowly... Hit the day and it was over b4 I knew it. In the middle of my day I heard all sorts of giggling and laughing. I went out to investigate and the boys were watching our birds, or squirrels... Ther wer 5 of them fighting over the sunflower seeds. Fast dinner then to karate w/ the boys. Playing Wii b4 bed and then over to Doc's for his next computer lesson.
080318 - Had some friends over for pizza and there were 6 kids: crazy night. I vegd out w/ the Wii til 4am, when Lori came down and yelled at me to come to bed...
080317 -Normal monday... I took Dylan to karate, Lpicked him up & went to an 'Art' open house at his school. JG&I finished up karate and then ran a couple errands. Off to Tim Hortons for the weekly bible/real estate meeting w/ doc & the guys.
080316 - LD&J to church, G&I on our own this morning. After lunch Howdy & I played Clue. Then over to Nicole & Rich's for dinner. Back home gettin everyone to bed.