080313 - Toy Time

080313 - Up and fast full day. L heading out for dinner w/ the girls. Us boys ate and ran straight to the toy store. We all got something we would love. Home played with our stuff.
080312 - Long day got a bunch done. Rushed through dinner, dropped Howdy off @ karate. Got a call on a couple houses. Ran home to get J&G & dropped J off at Karate. G & I dropped off movies & hit the library. G like books & pulling them off shelves. Ran back to pick the boys up. Put Howdy & G in the car, ran back in to get J, then Howdy was there standing beside me... He left G in the car. ALONE. I ran out to find the car on, AND ALL THE DOORS LOCKED!!! Called Lori and she ran the extra keys down... Went house hunting tonight w/ Jeff.
080310 - Crazy fast day. Had dinner and played a bit, then off to Home buying confernce tonight.