070828 - Fire escape

070828 - Was up till 5 getting caught up, then up for a full day of work. Howdy rode his bike to school and L,J&G went to Marlene's for a play date. When Howdy got home I helped him with a bit of his homework and got him a snack, then the rest of the gang came rolling in...
After work Lori and I rounded up the boys and had a firedrill. The boys, by themselves, had to get the window open, put the chain ladder out, help eachother out the window and down the ladder. They did very well!
Headed out for dinner, checked one of the rentals then to a video game store where Jack got a used Gameboy (so he quits buggin his brother...) and got a bunch of game in the Two4Tuesday sale! www.vgmx.com