070803 - Slowin Down

070803 - Up in the am and to the pool. We swam for a couple hours and then the boys made a craft thingy. Grant and I left a bit early to come back and make lunch, didn't turn out so good, but everyonr did get something to eat after all. After the so called lunch of popcorn chicken, peperoni, salami, cheese cubes, melon and grapes, I took Howdy and Jack to the arcade for an hour or so, so L & G could get some rest. We came back got some beer and coke and headed out to the gazebo to play a bit.
070802 - After a brief rest we went to an indoor bounce around place so the boys could work off some energy. We then went to a nice resturant where we had a fairly peaceful meal. As I was leaving an older couple said to me 'You have a very nice and well behaved famliy.' I thanked him and told him they were just lucky not to have been hit by a flying porkchop. :-D we then headed back to camp and to the pool for an evening dip.