070801 - Gus's Hot Dog King

070801 - Jamestown was cool but not what we expected. There was a neat Indian village, 3 replica ships, a fort, museum and a gift shop. There we not a bunch of settelers, indians, army guys or things for kids to participate in... L & G bailed out early to go sit in the air conditioning and we joined them to cruise the gift shop where Jack got a little bag of treasures, but Dylan held out for something better... We left Jamestown hot and hungry and headed to the candy warehouse! While the others rested in the car Howdy & I bought $30 worth of candy :-D we then went to a big outlet mall where L got a bunch of clothes for the boys and herself a black sweater... I out fitted all the boys, each with their own pair of cons: Jack & Grant got bright red ones & Howdy got camo. We hit about a dozen stores including KB toys, where Dylan again held off for something better... So we headed to Gus's Hot Dog King for some fantastic dogs. L was not to excited about it at first, but ended up ordering a second helping! They had great milk shakes too. The boys want to go there for dinner every night. One more stop on the way home where Howdy went to the exact toy gun he was waiting for all day. What a boy; to watch his brothers get stuff at different times all day long and not a peep. He knew what he wanted and didn't get upset that other were getting stuff, not easy for a boy. Back to our camp and we all went off to the pool for a late night swim! We finished up about 10 and got the boys in bed. Long, Good, Hot, Fun day for all :-D