060627 - 3rd place

060627 - Howdy had his last game tonight. They crushed them 21 to 3 to take 3rd place in the division. Judy was at the game and took us to Max & Ermas for dinner. Home gave the boys a bath and put them to bed. Previewed 'UltraViolet' and woke up in the basement at 5am...
060626 -Howdy had a semi final game tonight and they lost... there was some question on the rules.... Oh well we play again tomorrow. Home got the boys to bed. Met with the boys until 1am, still reviewing Islam. To Kroger afterward and got some groceries. Homw in bed 3am.
060625 - Up in the attic and installed a ventillation fan. Howdy had a tournament game today and they won. Frank, Patrick's dad was pitching and feel and broke his wrist. Mom and Dad came down to see the game. We hung out on the back porch and then hit the dollar store and A&W for dinner. Ran some errands home resting.
060624 - Took the whole family up to the farm for the day to help clean it upWatched what a mess! headed home early afternoon. Got home and trimmed the pine and front bushes. Stayed up late watching '16 Blocks' while I rebuilt a pc for the boys.
060623 - Up getting things cleaned up for the weekend and week ahead. Want to go to the farm to ehlp but need to be with L for the ultrasound. Going up tomorrow to work and help clean things up after the storm. L stayed up with me and watche 'Family Stone' wow what an emotional movie.
060622 - Up slow day trying to piece everthing together from the visit and going forward. We all took Howdy to Karate, after his melt down, and he had a good time, imagine that! then we ran to Home Depot, Arby's and Blockbuster. Home played with the boys then took them up and read books and lights out. Watched 'BloodRayne' pretty cool movie. Mom and Dad W called and it seems they have been hit by a mini tornado. Parts of the barn roof were ripped off and many trees down. Talked to dad alot about it and want to go up and help but he is not to excited to kill himself cleaning up. Pretty frustrated wiht his job, tried to give him some pointers that I have found to work in this thing called the business world.
060621 - Last day of meetings in Denver, just reviewing the last several days of work for sign off. To the airport trying to catch early flight to make it home for Howdy's game, but as usual I got to ORD and trouble struck. I did not make the game but did get home 2 hours early and was able to put the boys to bed and read them a book.
060620 - Up for another fun filled day of workshops. I quickly went through the documents and wrote a formula for a file format. I shared that formula with the lead consultant for DTV and told him by the end of the day I would have him there. As the day went on I inserted comments and asked questions as we reviewed the 12 file interfaces they wanted us to build. By then end of the day I had suggested them into a file format that would replace all 12 of their interfaces with 1! The DTV consultant reviewed what I had written down 6 hours earlier and was amazed that it was the exact file format I had written... I saved DTV $10M today. Out to eat with Brent, Bev and Sherry.
060619 - Up @ 5:30 in the air to Denver fot a quick 3 days with DirecTV. Got to Denver, met up with Sherry from Little Rock and went into the meetings with DTV. Short but very tiring day. Had a fantastic dinner and discussed religion.