060602 - Magic Mountian w/ Howdy

060602 - Nice slow day at work. Got caught up on all my home paper & todos. Howdy and I to Magic Mountian. We played video games, putt-putt & in the jungle gym. We played through a 4some and Howdy hit a hole-in-one!!!! We hit Meijer and BlockBuster on the way home. Had lots of fun with Howdy tonight :-)
060601 -Up way too early again! Caught a flight to Dallas. More meetings and tours. Had a great lunch at The Londoner then finished up and headed into DFW. Got home I 11 and the cab had to drive me through McDonalds. Up late w/ Jack he has a fever of 102...
060531 - Up and into Reynosa. Had meetings all day long.... LONG DAY... To The Republic of the Rio Grande for Dinner, AWESOME!!! Then finished the night at hooters.
060530 - Up way to early and to the airport. Made it to McAllen in good time. Took a tour of the Pharr facility and then off to Reynosa. Had meetings all day long. IT IS HOT IN MEXICO!!!! To Red Lobster for dinner.