060610 Practice in the rain

060610 - Took howdy to bb practice [in the rain] then to see 'Cars'. Played outside with the boys, watched Underworld w/ Howdy while Jack sleep on my lap. Barnettes over for dinner, everyone got along good. Watched 'Pride & Prejudice' very good show
060609 - Jack broke his fever today! boring day at work PC still has a dead screen. Stayed up late watched 'Underworld Evolution' it rocked!
060608 - Today was Howdy's last day of scholl. He had a great year. Had a good day with HP and some good talks with Arno. Got home about 11:30, Jack still pretty sick. His mouth started bleeding about 1:00am, pretty freaky illness....
060607 - Made an ass of myself today at work. Too pashionate about my work... Escalated a possilble loss of business oportunity in EMEA... everyone proceeded to tell me that I was over-reacting. [060619 update, my reaction was not false as i had expected, we did loose the business....]