060613 - Horsin around...

060613 - Fast day at work. Had dinner with the family. Then took Howdy to karate and the video store. Stopped back home and picked up Jack then headed to Scioto Downs for some racing, popcorn & ice cream.
060612 - Long day at work. PC still acting up, IBM out to the house to replace the mother board. All good now. L & the boys went to the zoo today. Had dinner, took a bike ride to the playground, hung out playing video games. I went to meet the Gospel boys at Tim's, got home @ 1:30. Then I stayed up listening to podcasts on Islam.... scarry stuff.
060611 - L & the boys to church. Home had lunch, took a bike ride and played in the backyard with Howdy. Barnettes over for supper and we shot paintball guns.