20130526 - Farm and Friends

20130526 - Up and all + J's friend Conor to the Farm.  Boys played in Pug dangerously.  We had a big lunch.  My buddy Dave Stopped with bad news.  We took hayride up to cemetery, D drove the tractor.  We explored in the woods, climbed through the culvert under road to Gardner's pond.  We tried to fly kites, I ran and tumbled in the field.  D&I got stakes on pug and we did some things around the farm with GpaW.   Down to the swamp boardwalk exploring for frogs, G got his feet stuck in the mud.  Up to house for dinner.  Drove home and the boys watched the Lone Ranger.  We dropped Conor off, stopped at Towler's for a min to chat. Home exhausted, did some things on the PC.