20130516 - J 10 + 2

20130516 - Up in the am and J's fist day as a 10 year old got off to a fast start, he opened some presents before we all headed out (notice his feet in the pic, only 1 shoe :-)

Off to work for a busy full day. L had lunch with J today at school. I left a bit early and got home to give J his main gift: a pair of gerbils! "I'm so excited I don't know how to feel!" he said.

L took D to a scrimmage with his rec team. JG&I hung out and the boys played with the new rodents and built LEGO stuff for them. We headed out to have dinner at Max & Erma's so J could get his tortilla soup.

G told the waitress it was Jacks bday so they all gathered and sang Happy bday to him. We had a proper powdered sugar fight from the sugar on the funnel cake fries :-) then we ran to the Cub Scout Pack meeting where they sang Happy bday again and J graduated into a Webelo Scout & G was the only Tiger cub to join the troop tonight :-) Home and some more rodent play while we watched the American Idol finale. All boys to bed. Up late and catching up.