20130502 - UP UP & AWAY

20130502 - Up in the am and off to work. had a very full day and got a bunch done. Out early for a baseball game. The umps didn't show up so it was an automatic forfeit, but we had a dad from each team step up and ump so we could play. D got to play catcher and got 3 hits tonight: 1 flew left field high and foul and the outfielder caught it foul :-( his second at bat he hit it right and it was caught :-( his third hit was the biggest hit I have ever seen him get; that ball soared off the end of that bat high and away to deeeeep center field, the fielder running at top speed backward almost to the fence made the luckiest over the shoulder catch I have ever seen. D was upset and heartbroken :-( I was sad for him but so proud of those 3 hits, and all of his teammates were cheering him on and talking about his awesome hit :-) Home and hung out watching American Idol. Up late trying to catch up.