20130428 - Up to a cold very wet morning.  J&I packed up our site and headed to the mess hall.  They saved 1 pancake for J...  We got D's stuff and headed home, D had to clean up so he was to catch a ride.  J&I made our way to civilization and found the golden arches and had a nice warm bfast.  We headed home and stopped at the new Cabella's to have a look around.  It is a good size store and we checked everything out.  Home and we got cleaned up and hung out watching TV until D home, cleaned up and then all out to J's practice and Game in the rain. J fell asleep on the way, but then J got to play QB for two plays and their team won.  After the game we stumbled upon the Westerville Restaurant for dinner.  We had a good meal and then headed home, D fell asleep this time.  We stopped at CVS to get some rubber cement for a project of D's at school and then home to clean up the camping supplies a bit.  D put air in my tires and then D&G played airsoft, I cocked the gun for G and J made a silencer for his gun.  All boys to bed, and I am trying to prepare for another busy week... L superglued her finger to D's shoe while attempting repairs LOL