20130406 - Fire Drillin

20130406 - Up and out with the boys for bfast at McD's.  Then JG&I dropped D off at a Scout clean up day and we headed to G's baseball practice.  G's team, the Mets, look pretty good this year ;-)  After practice we checked on D and then J&G practiced climbing out the window for the Spring fire drill.  We did some stuff around the house, I returned some unsold things to a guy I did some ebay consignment work for, L washed G's mouth put with soap :-o and D got a ride home from scouts.  Later in the afternoon J had a buddy over, G went to a friends bday party and D&I went to their final practice before their first game on Monday.  It was a good practice and they actually look like a team.  Home hanging out watching the final 4 and fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 4am.