20130427 - Saturday School, Baseball, Scouts

20130427 - Up in am and J went with me to deliver D to sat school.  Then J&I drove through and got bfast and McD's on the way to D's rec team baseball practice where we picked out his jersey and paid for his name on the back.  On to the bank to get checks printed and them home to pack for the campout. J&I picked D up at sat school and I spoke to the mother of the boy he got in a pencil fight with.  It was a good conversation and when the boys came out we gave them a good talking to and made them hug and make up.  We will see how it goes...  Dropped D&J off at home and I went to G's practice and met him there, he spent the night with his buddy Owen.  We had a good practice and then home for a quick change and to a camp out with D&J.  We dropped D off at the Boy Scout area and J&I went to the Cub area.  J&I then headed over to the ranges and J showed his skills with a bow and then a .22LR with sharpshooter accuracy and I got to shoot a cowboy style 30/30.  Met up with the Troop and Pack to watch D participate in a title bout for 'Master Fire Builder' for his Troop.  D WON!  he was the only Scout to not cheat :-)  With the Pack for dinner and had some spaghetti.  After dinner we got our tent set up and headed to the pond to try our pocket fisherman.  We tried until it got dark and decided we would have better luck in the morning.  We joined the pack for the campfire and it was an ad-hoc program and J told jokes, J&I led a song, DJ&I led another song and the Boy Scouts helped out a lot.  Off to bed and J&I ate a bunch of snacks and talked, "this is the best campout ever!'  sleeping with the rain pattering on the tent.