20121119 - Possible?

20121119 - Up in the am and moving slow today... Got to the office an was introduced to a new change that took the rest of the day... Had a good call with a coworker from Kewill, Rick, it was great to talk to him!  Home and packed up an eBay sale while D&J were back at the playground and L&D were at the Dr. All back home and the report is that G now has strep throat!?!? How is that possible? He JUST FINISHED 14 days on penicillin on Friday... Answer = Magic Mountain ball pit. Our kids ALWAYS get sick after going there... UGH! Poor little guy. I ran D to Scouts and then back home to watch some videos on magic tricks with J while G attempted to ply his iTouch while it was charging... Got D and then out with the Bible Bangers to watch the new 'Lincoln' movie. It was very good, educational and interesting. Back home and updating the live system with the changes from today