20121109 - Vet Day and Turkey

20121109 - Up and I met with our new ins agent. Then I rushed home and walked back To G's school with Gma&paB to have a Thanksgiving dinner with him. It was a lot of fun and I got to hang out at recess with him a bit. Back home and worked a bit. L home and we all went back to G's school for Veteran's Day presentation by the kids. I love to hear them singing. After the program we went into J's room and GpaB answered Qs about Air Force and his time in Vietnam. Home and worked some more... We ran past the post office to ship some eBay sales on the way to dinner with Rich, Sam Lena at FM. Back home so D could change for his first ever school dance. He looked cute, L was a mess and we got him to his buddy's so they could go together. Back home and L moved J's bed around so he wouldn't be scared. He has been having fits at night about being scared, but can't say about what... I Picked D up from the dance, he didn't have much to say, but I could tell he had fun. Home and L interrogated D for dance details: he's saying nuttin :-)