20121114 - Cube

20121114 - Up in the am and to the desk. Got some things done and then met Chris at the Columbus OBBA meeting. We learned about franchising today, very interesting. I stopped by the Scout store on the way home to pick up awards for this weekends ceremony. Home and back at the desk making changes to the system. L is coughing like mad and bound to the couch, so I took the boys out to the grocery to drop off ink cartridges and get baggies for the Scout awards. While there I thought it would be cheaper to get groceries for our dinner, than driving through a fast food joint. Back he and D took the groceries and cooked dinner for us while J&I started building and icing his cake. Had to leave that project to take D to Kroger to get groceries for the Scout feast. This was relaxing as I had an expresso while. And another Scout shopped. Then got 20 pounds of fresh green beans and 10 bags of potatoes! :-o back home and helped J ice his a&e and he did the decorating. The big auction is tomorrow and he is SO EXCITED!!! All boys to bed an I was up late configuring the system while the users are sleeping. Bed LATE.