101230 + Wildlights

101230 - Up got some things done then out on the town. Exchanged Dylan's gun, took some things back. Then took the boys to Kingdom of Bounce so they could run and burn off some energy.  On the way home drove around and looked for some clubhouses.  Home and finished cleaning the garage.  Downstairs to play on the Wii and then Gma&paW showed up.  We played the Wii for a bit and then headed West.  GpaW and I checked the water in one of the rentals, we all had a LONG awaited dinner at Applebee's and poor J got a bad stomach ache.  Our final destination was the Zoo.  We got bundled up and headed in for the pretty lights and some wild animals.  Looks like GpaW captured one and put it on his head, he was the Russian of the group.

101229 - Have no idea what we did :-o

101228 + Up LJ&G to friends.  D did real math sq ft of house and then we ran errands and had lunch.  We stopped at the toy store to trade some stuff in.  Went to a coin dealer and held real gold.  We had dinner @ home w/ all and watched movies and played with LEGOs