101203 + Bad Grades :-(

100103 - Work all morning and then took my test and test passed.  I am now a 'Certified Cheetah Mastermind Facilitator'!  J had to give more blood after school and D was late coming home from school and had BAD Grades....  he is at a 3rd grade reading level...  WHAT?  He had straight A's last year!????  UGH  He felt pretty bad about it too.  I hope his spelling gets better :-S  Max Erma's for dinner, Jack's choice with good grades... home and played Carom and watched a movie.

101202 - Took G to school, then at the desk doing a huge email flush and on the phone.  Got some studying done.  Had a nice pizza dinner and Nerf gun shoot out with the boys.  D&I to scouts then to Grossl's to get a coat, home depot to get air filters and a stop at Carabou Coffee.  Home and watched the rest of Grays Anatomy with L and then in the basement reading.

101201 + Jack to the Dentist.