091016 - 3 Candles

091016 - Up early to open presents w/ Grant. He got some cool stuff that we played with until time to go. Loaded everyone up and off to the Dr. for Grant's 3 yr check up and a surprise for all three boys: FLU SHOTS!!!!
Made stops at the watch shop, grocery and Blockbuster on the way home. D went to a friends and G&I played with all his new stuff until nap time.
L got everything ready and the party soon started. There were a bunch of loud kids having a good time, playing games and eating sugar cubes! After the piƱata we sang happy bday and had our cake. What a wonderful day our little man had. Thanks for all the gifts and well wishes.

Other events of note today:
Today was also my buddy Ivo's bday.
Jack's Dr. called and the blood work we have been waiting for came back, and Jack's results were negative for ALPS! That is good, but it still means we don't understand why his white count is so low. We have one more test next week...