091003 - Escape Artists

091003 - Everyone up and out to Jack's soccer game. J got the a goal and tied the game! Then his buddy Donavan got the winning goal for their team. Go Smashers! D&G played on the skate park during the game.
Home for a quick bite and the DJ&I ran some errands: went to renew my drivers license but the place closed 20 min before I got ther (D¥mn!), then stop @ skate park look for a lost Lego guy, then to the rental where we evicted the folks(they say they will be out mon or Tuesday...).
Home and J&G helped me light the furnace, change the filter, turn off the attic fan & open the vent in the secret room behind the wall. Then we did our fire drill with the new PEARL fire escape I installed before we left for Disney, it worked like a charm! I know it is a good idea now, but in anothr couple years I can see this being used as an 'unofficial' exit... I had to trim the excess off the ladder so D&J have installed their own fire escape in their fort.
L&G on the road to pick up Lilly. I am going to get a couple more thongs done before the Bucks game tonight.