090305 + My boy

090305 - D feeling fine today, so after work took him to Scouts and picked up his friend Cole. After Scouts D&I went to one of the rentals to drop some stuff off. We had the munchies so we stopped at Burger King and had our 4th meal of the day... We had a great conversation and he is so funny and a nice little guy. After our meal we walked to the gas station to buy junk food and candy. It was really nice to sit and be with him, just talking about whatever. I really like him and what he is becoming. Home up setting up new work pc until 4am.

090302 - L was up all night with D pukin. I worked all day and had to take a break and take a walk w/ lilly... D spent all day in bed. Dinner with the non-sic and then JG&I, played caroms. I took J to karate, Kroger for dog food and beer, then home, boys to bed, and Lori had me watch some of the bachelor (UGH). Went into my office and worked till 2:30am.

090301 + Everyone up and had a farm breakfast and down to the barn. Gma&paW took them to the toy store while Grant took a nap (more friggin toys...) We hung out had some lunch and then took the boys up to see Aunt Weezer. The boys were wild, not too much more than usual and we had a nice chat with Louise.